Have you ever had pain in your joints? It is difficult to get rid of it, and it's exhausting ... But the solution to the problem is easy!

Have you ever had pain in your joints? It is difficult to get rid of it, and it's exhausting ... But the solution to the problem is easy!

What Ingredients are most useful for joints? There are six useful elements: Chicory, Radish, Pear, Mint, Wild strawberries, Rowan. The effectiveness of these six Ingredients was confirmed by clinical trials – eachof them improves joint function and health even individually, and therefore SLD complex can be essential for people who suffer from pain and low mobility! Moreover, these Ingredients slow down the process of joint destruction, and therefore are useful for anyone who wants to maintain the iractive lifestyle for many years.  


  • Prevents the destruction of cartilage tissue, bones and joints, spine, tendons and ligaments and helps enhance the process of recovery.
  • Improves joint mobility, stimulates production of synovial fluid..
  • Helps suppress the inflammation process, swelling of the joints and periarticular tissues.
  • Restores and strengthens the tendons, ligaments and skin.
  • Stimulates the synthesis of collagen and elastin.
  • Helps accelerate the process of accretion of bones and joints after injuries, fractures and surgeries.
  • Prevents bone demineralization process.
  • Prevents premature aging of the skin and the formation of stretch marks.


Pear is a perfect fruit. It contains balanced calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, which have a favorable effect on the condition of bones. Folic acid is actively involved in blood formation.The use of strawberry for health is really great. It has a favorable effect on the mobility of joints, prevents the accumulation of uric acid and toxic substances, that's why it is recommended to patients with rheumatism, arthritis, gout. Turmeric is a natural dye that is contained in leaves and roots of turmeric, a plant of the Zingibiraceae family. Turmeric is obtained by extracting the powder from roots with ethyl alcohol or petroleum ether. This substance provides taste and flavor of turmeric. It smells like camphor and it has a bitter or even pungent taste.
Contemporary scientists have proved that besides its dyeing properties turmeric has medicinal ones. In Chinese medicine it is used as a stimulating, restorative, analgetic and hemostatic agent.
A regular use of turmeric helps to moderately increase the cathelicidin concentration in the human body. This protein has an antimicrobial effect and it helps the body to fight fungi, bacteria and viruses even at the first contact with them.
Harpagophytum is an unusual perennial plant that has subopposite leaves on creeping stems. Its beautiful solitary flowers are red-violet. They have wide bended corolla with a tubular lower part. The fruit is presented in the form of a small capsule and it has numerous long barbed spines. The plant has large tuberous roots.
French scientists have recently revealed strong analgetic action of this plant on the human body. Due it its unique properties it is indicated for treatment of chronic arthritis. Harpagophytum significantly reduces pains and improves joint mobility simultaneously having an anti-inflammatory effect. This leads to a significant reduction of the required number of chemical pain management medications.
Useful properties of ginger lie in the large number of vitamins, essential oils and amino acids in its composition. It is also rich in minerals.
Ginger is a good remedy for headaches and backaches and it even can cure chronic arthritis. Another healing property of ginger is its ability to regulate the digestive system. It increases appetite and regulates the intestinal function. Thus, ginger can be described as an antispasmatic, anti-inflammatory, carminative and healing agent.
Licorice root has an extremely rich composition. It contains mineral salts, organic acids, pectins, saponins, starch, gum, mucus, glucose, flavonoids, sucrose, asparagine, glycyrrhizin, vitamins and minerals.
Special value of the plant lies in its content of unique substances that have an action similar to the action of adrenal hormones with a strong anti-inflammatory property. Besides, licorice has a wound-healing, antispasmatic, enveloping, antimicrobial, antipyretic, antiviral and expectorative action.
Green tea is a great source of antioxidants that block oxidation processes (these processes are recognized as one of the causes of premature ageing) due to enzymes and vitamins including the rare vitamin P. Green tea lowers cholesterol, removes toxins, promotes accumulation and retention of vitamin C in the human body.
It is proved that green tea is able to strengthen the immune and nervous systems, stimulate metabolism and it helps to lose weight. Theine (tea caffeine) works together with tannin and it has milder and longer-lasting tonic effect in comparison with coffee. It helps to remove fatigue, increase working efficiency, stimulate vital activity of the human body.