APL made a breakthrough in the field of intimate health care for men and women: PWR man and PWR woman drops are a unique duo product "for her" and "for him" that helps improve the condition of the genitourinary and reproductive systems as well as preserve activity and spontaneity of intimate life.

Female body is a great fragile system that requires constant attention and careful maintenance. However, modern women are less likely to find the time and the ability to listen to their bodies. They have a lot of responsibilities, and sometimes cancompletely forget that beauty begins from within. Meanwhile, hormonal imbalance caused by stress and poor environment can lead to disastrous consequences such as weight gain, reduced libido, and even infertility. The life of modern women is often complicated by various infections, inflammations and tumors thus making them worry about their intimate health.

Accumulated PWR woman drops help restore and preserve the beauty of blooming youth, solving three major problems inwomen's intimate health:

  • Hormonal imbalance and psycho-emotional stress.
    Complex of vitamins and minerals that is found in PWR woman helps normalize hormonal level, relieve psychological stress, as well as providing restorative and tonic effect.
  • Intimate disorders.
    Plant extracts, which are the basis of PWR woman drops, enhance libido and contribute to developing the ability for multiple orgasms during intimacy.
  • Ingredients of PWR woman soften the effects of hormonal imbalance, improve nutrition of tissues of the female body and normalize the energy balance, as well as slow down the development of hormone-dependent processes: osteoporosis, tumors, etc.


Damiana is the source of lightness and feminine charm. It helps to restore normal levels of female hormones and balance of the endocrine system. More than a century has passed since the first mention in the literature about Damiana as an aphrodisiac. For a long time, Damiana leaves have been used for the production of energy drinks, tonics and stimulants. Mexican Indians prepared a drink from the damiana leaves, added sugar and used it as an aphrodisiac - it was first written by Spanish missionaries. Damiana leaves increase libido, increase the potency and physiological effects, and have a beneficial effect on the human reproductive system, so they can help with infertility problems.Asparagus is one of the most low-calorie vegetables, it doesn't saturate with calories, but with minerals and vitamins. Besides, in many cultures asparagus is considered to be a medicinal plant. Substances contained in asparagus purify blood, have a beneficial effect on the liver and remove water (ie asparagus is an excellent diuretic). By the way, today asparagus is considered to be an excellent aphrodisiac. Owing to asparagine asparagus has a beneficial effect on the heart, kidneys, it lowers blood pressure. Substances in its composition contribute to the removal of chlorides from the body, phosphates and urea, which is very important in the case of gout, urate diathesis, acute and chronic nephritis, inflammation of kidney pelvis, bladder and urinary tract.The extracts of ginkgo biloba leave have powerful effect. Thisplant helps the elderly people to improve memory, reduce anxiety, and normalize sleep. Experiments have shown its anti-inflammatory and antiallergenic properties. Medicines based on ginkgo block the formation of blood clots, thin the blood and clean lymph, improve blood circulation, eliminating headaches and dizziness. Ginkgo strengthens the arteries, veins and capillaries, slows the aging process down, strengthens hair and helps get rid of excess weight.
High effectiveness of ginkgo biloba has created sensations in Europe and America where tens of millions of people have already significantly improved their health by using this plant. For example, medicines made of ginkgo are among the top five most popular drugs in the United States; they occupy the leading position in Germany; the medicines based on extracts of ginkgo leaves are among the most frequently prescribed in France.
Apricot is rich in carotene, which the body converts into vitamin A. This very element improves vision, protects the body from the formation of malignant tumors; it is useful for colds, kidneys and heartdiseases. Carotene improves skin condition,giving it elasticity.
Apricot contains a record amount of potassium. This element is extremely important for the treatment of cardiovascular and renal diseases. It helps the body get rid of excess fluid.
Its useful properties are also due to magnesium and phosphorus. Magnesium is required for regeneration of nerve cells. Phosphorus activates metabolic processes in the brain, brain cells, increases stamina, and improves memory.
This fruit also contains a lot of iodine and iron. Iodine is known to prevent malfunction of the thyroid gland, increases intellectual abilities. Iron cures various forms of anemia, helps get rid of heart failure, and improves oxygen exchange in the lungs.
Pectin in apricot detoxifies the body and has antibacterial properties.
Medicinal properties of ginger have been used for over 3000 years. It was first mentioned in ancient treatises. Its warming properties were talked about in Indian and Greek texts.
But its most attractive feature is the ability to return and preserve youth, and have a powerful positive effect on sexual desire. Even nowadays Chinese women use ginger for infertility and frigidity; they add it to their dishes of shrimps marinated in yellow wine, vinegar, ginger and onion.
Ginger extract is capable of eliminating fatigue, lethargy and apathy, helps cope with psycho-emotional stress, overcome stressful situations and quickly restore power after a difficult day, previous diseases and surgeries. Ginger root speeds up the metabolism, stimulates cell metabolism, strengthens the immune system and detoxifies the body.
Ginger has its miraculous properties because of "biological fire". Plant falls into the category of "hot" spices, adding fire todigestion and improving circulation. This explains the increased interest in ginger as an effective means to reduce weight. Improved blood flow helps burn fat.
Moreover, ginger strengthens blood vessels, lowers blood cholesterol, thins blood, increases cerebral blood flow, thereby actively supplies brain with oxygen and improves memory.
Ginger stimulates the activity of the thyroid gland, has analgesic and antispasmodic properties. The plant helps relieve spasms in severe convulsive painful menstruation.
It’s a perennial evergreen shrub that grows to a height of 6 m in the tropical climate. But it’s much smaller in northern areas. Withania has oval leaves and plain yellow flowers, its fruits are orange or light-red.
Withania has both tonic and sedative effect. A large dose of it has a hypnotic action. Due to acetyl steril glycosides its roots have stress-relieving properties.
Withania increases the body’s resistance to various infections and strengthens the immune system. Withanolides have anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties.