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Despite the fact that our body has its own defense mechanism, it still needs to be protected from the stress of everyday life and high content of harmful substances in the environment.

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GRW – is a delicious drop containing a mix of 13 fruit and plant extracts from around the world, each of them with unique properties.


  • Strengthens the immune system and helps resist the infectious diseases;
  • Helps stay young, stops the aging process, helps restore memory function and has immunomodulatory effect;
  • Helps maintain the visual and thinking clarity, flexibility, mobility and coordination of body movements;
  • Boosts vitality, protecting the body from harmful free radicals;
  • Improves digestion and assimilation of protein, normalizes the micro flora of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • Promotes personal productivity.


Fruits of the olive tree have a mass of useful properties that will be discussed in this article. Continuous use of olives reduces the probability of progression and complications of cardiovascular diseases, strokes, heart attacks, cancer. They have a beneficial effect on the digestive organs, lead to normal metabolic processes that activate the gastrointestinal tract, are characterized by a mild laxative effect. In addition, they contribute to the removal of various poisons and decay products from the human body. Olives have a beneficial effect on the activity of the liver, urinary tract, and pancreas. Olives are recommended in the case of diseases of the stomach. Besides, fruits of the olive tree raise the body's immunity to any infectious diseases.Many people know about Echinacea. But what do you know about its healing properties? Echinacea is characterized by the best healing properties compared to other medicinal plants. Echinacea is also called "the cleaner of blood"; pure blood means a healthy body. Echinacea cleans the lymphatic system, blood, kidneys and liver. Echinacea does not treat consequences of the disease but its causes and, more importantly, has no side effects. Folk medicine uses decoctions and tinctures made of fresh and dry Echinacea flowers, leaves and stems. Echinacea tincture is used for treatment of cystitis, nephritis, hepatitis, infectious and respiratory illnesses: flu, bronchitis, tonsillitis, pneumonia, and herpes.Rowan berry is a fountain of nutrients. It contains rich natural vitamin complex (P, C, E, K, B1, B2, B6, and beta-carotene), macro-and micronutrients (boron, iron, manganese, copper, molybdenum, and fluorine), sugars (glucose, sucrose, and fructose), pectin and tannins. For example, it contains 2 times more vitamin P than black currant, and 20 times more than oranges and apples. There is 4 times more iodine in chokeberries than in strawberries, gooseberries and raspberries. Pectin substances that can be found in chokeberry help get rid of heavy metals and radioactive substances hold and eliminate different types of pathogens. Pectins normalize bowel function, eliminate spasms and have choleretic effect. Medicinal properties of chokeberry help strengthen the walls of blood vessels improving their elasticity and suppleness. It is recommended for patients with diabetes - especially with capillaropathy, diseases of the thyroid gland, as a diuretic for kidney disease, allergies, scarlet fever, and typhus. Chokeberry is used as an antispasmodic, vasodilator, hemostatic, hematopoietic, appetizing, choleretic and diuretic solution.Cranberry has a mass of useful properties. Due to the content of nutrients such as flavonoids and phytonutrients, cranberry helps to resist various diseases of the oral cavity, as well as infections of the gastrointestinal tract and urinary tract. Proanthocyanidins are a special type of flavonoids contained in cranberries. Due to the content of these elements, cranberries are incredibly effective in fighting the infection of the gastrointestinal tract. Proanthocyanidins prevent the propagation of pathogenic enterobacteria, which are the main cause of infection. Cranberry is necessary to prevent cancer, as well as to strengthen the immune system as a whole, moreover, cranberry is useful in the case of any diseases associated with metabolic disorders, such as diabetes. European healers for centuries have been using blueberries to treat numerous ailments and illnesses, urogenital infections, diarrhea, "night blindness" and many others. Their studies have confirmed that blueberry is a potent source of antioxidants, and has remarkable healing capabilities. Currently blueberries have become very popular nutritional supplement, and are often used in the treatment of various vision problems, such as cataracts, "night blindness" and optic nerve atrophy. It was found out that blueberries have a lot of anthocyans responsible for the majority of medicinal properties of this fruit. Anthocyans are useful antioxidants, and play an important role in maintaining the integrity of blood vessels. They prevent atherosclerosis (blockage of blood vessels) in many of our vital organs.Pomegranates have tonic, stimulant, anti-inflammatory, antidiarrheal, analgesic, astringent, hemostatic, and anthelmintic, antipyretic and wound healing effect. Pomegranates are also valuable sources of potassium, vitamin C and polyphenols. People praise the healing properties of pomegranate because of its superior antioxidant capacity. Scientists proved that antioxidants are essential to healthy life. They are responsible for the prevention of heart diseases (clogged heart vessels), and they even prevent some biological processes such as cancer and aging.Currant refers to a group of plants the most valuable for a man. Its ripe berries contain up to 1,5% of mineral substances. They are represented by macro- (potassium, sodium, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, sulfur) and microelements (iron, copper, zinc, aluminum, chlorine, iodine, etc.) 16 amino acids, including seven essential ones which constitute 0,5% or more in content enter uno the composition of berries. Besides, these red berries contain aromatic substances which have an antibiotic action. Berries contribute to the elimination of ions of heavy metals, radioactive isotopes of strontium, cobalt and other radioactive elements, toxins, improve intestinal function.Aloe vera activates self-cleaning systems of the body, removes toxins, has a strong anti-inflammatory and antifungal (antimycotic) effect, cleans and dilates the capillaries and veins, improves regional blood circulation, promotes rapid healing of ulcers and wounds, stimulates motor and secretory activity of the gastrointestinal tract, lowers blood pressure and blood cholesterol level, ensures immunity to infectious diseases and cancer, and normalizes overall metabolism. As the beneficial effect of using aloe vera is strong and various, this plant is now known as "a magic plant".There are two common species of edible Physalis: Mexican and strawberry. Physalis contains organic acids: citric, malic, tartaric, succinic, coffee, sinapic, tannins, carotenoids, vitamin C. They give you more energy and help the body fight infection and gastrointestinal disorders.Vitamin E contained in the plant protects the human body from early aging, vitamin F gives vigor and strength, folic acid nourishes the bone marrow, it protects from tumors. Momordica destroys bacteria and viruses, treats hypertension, hemorrhoids, stomach ulcers, diabetes, and even leukemia. It improves the immune system, anaesthetize. It quickly displays the excess fat, increases metabolism, makes a figure slim. It lowers blood cholesterol, cleanses the blood vessels. Astragalus is a truly unique plant. Due to its curative properties the use of the plant is effective against various diseases. It has a wide spectrum of effects on a human body.
Astragalus has a diuretic, hypotensive and anxiolytic action. It improves the cardiac function, widens heart and kidney blood vessels. The infusion has a good effect against the hypertensive disease. Sometimes it is used as an additional treatment of this disease.
Ganoderma has a rare property to diagnose occult diseases. It doesn’t cure, it helps to create inner harmony, regulate the body function and empower it to pull through a disease on its own. A human body has many hidden resources, ganoderma helps to use them.
Polysaccharides and “organic” germanium contained in ganoderma improve natural ability of the body to fight diseases, prevent the appearance and development of tumors. These substances also contribute towards increasing the concentration of oxygen in blood and getting rid of dead cells.
Adenosine contained in the plant improves blood circulation, lowers cholesterol, burns fats, regulates endocrine system and metabolism and provides energy and boosts stamina.
It’s a perennial evergreen shrub that grows to a height of 6 m in the tropical climate. But it’s much smaller in northern areas. Withania has oval leaves and plain yellow flowers, its fruits are orange or light-red.
Withania has both tonic and sedative effect. A large dose of it has a hypnotic action. Due to acetyl steril glycosides its roots have stress-relieving properties.
Withania increases the body’s resistance to various infections and strengthens the immune system. Withanolides have anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties.