Business people, students, scientists, accountants, and many more other professionals often suffer from such called emotional burnout. Their brain becomes overloaded with information and is constantly working processing data like a computer, so the moment when effectiveness of this “machine” decreases comes sooner or later.

This moment is easy to distinguish. You will be constantly tired, you will become forgetful, you will feel emotionally tired. The things you used to deal with during couple of minutes will now take hours. You will stop being inspired or creative, it will feel like you’re doing everything automatically, and the effectiveness of your brain processes will the lost.

If you leave it be, all that will develop into Alzheimer’s disease, and later you will lose your memory. How can I prevent it?

New generation drops of accumulated power will help you stay tuned. The components of the mixture are chosen in the way that they will support your nervous system helping it fight against first signs of mental burnout and memory loss. The components of the drops can help you restore effectiveness of comprehension and intellectual processes at any situation.


  • help restore neurons and brain cells;
  • has positive effects on mental work of your brain;
  • herbs added to the mixture help improve your memory and blood circulation of the nervous system ;
  • improves attentiveness, clarity of mind and memory, as well as stimulates creativeness;
  • active components support overall health of your brain cells;
  • supports your nervous system and helps preventing emotional burnout;
  • boosts protein synthesis.


This herb can stimulate brain activity, supports memory, helps concentrate, provides with clarity of mind. Is helps getting rid of tiredness after tense mental activity, prevents stress, helps get rid of headaches. This plant increases cognitive skills of individuals without mental disorders, it boosts their mental activity and skills of remembering and reproduction of data.Vitania can help suppress the activity of dopamine receptors inside corpus striatum which become activated when the brain is under stress, it also helps decrease level of corticosterone in blood which also is produced because of stress, as well as level of urea nitrogen and lactic acid in your blood..
Vitania also has withanolides and sitoindozids which can have immunomodulating effect. It mobilizes macrophages, phagocytes and lysosomal enzymes. Thus vitania helps fighting against immunosuppression.
Ginkgo Biloba has antioxidant effect, it also helps oxiganate blood and brain, it also helps providing brain with glucose. It also increases physical and mental activity, as well as helps concentrate, preserves clarity of mind and memory, improves blood circulation inside your brain and skeletal muscles.Ginseng is an adaptogen which helps a human body resist stress and weariness. It also increases stamina, spatial coordination and reaction. Ginseng also effects brain cortex and subcortex increasing respiratory metabolism which improves blood. It boosts cell respiration and reduces heart beating.More than 500 components have been discovered in green tea leaves including ones of the most vital elements for a human body which are calcium, fluorine, as well as magnesium, phosphorus and many more. Green tea leaves also have several hundreds of complex organic compounds as well as majority of vitamins known to modern medicine. It has a tonic effect in the whole body. It includes coffee and tannin which stimulate brain activity.Ginger has compounds that has protective effect. One of these is known as 6-shogaol which prevents irritation caused chemically. It is also known that such elements can affect neurons. It also includes 10-gingerol which is extracted from fresh ginger. It boosts production of nitrogen oxide and other chemical elements. These elements fight against inflommatory processes in your brain.Coffee has a lot of positive effects on a human body if consumed in reasonable amounts. Coffee decreases risks of developing of the most popular and dangerous social disorders: heart deseases, cancer, diabetes, neurodegenerative deseases such as Alzheimer or Parkinson and many others.
Coffee helps improve verbal memory, reaction and spatial orientation. It also helps increase brain activity which is provided by caffeine that blocks inactive neurotransmitter and helps concentrate.
Laboratory tests showed that Turmeric can destroy pathological tumor cells without affecting healthy cells in any way. Thus consuming stuff which has Turmeric as an ingredient can not only stop growing of tumor cells in number but also preventing from tumor formation. This component stimulates mental activity and destroy proteins obstructing it. That's is why this component is used in treatment against Alzheimer.It is one out of top-10 most useful plants in the world with health properties. It helps fighting against stress and depression. It has positive effect both on physical and psychological state of a human being. Magnolia-vine is natural stimulator for central nervous system that is why it is usually used as a tonic.
For example, in Asia it is highly population to consume its fruits to support high level of work efficency during the whole week.
Asparagus has almost all the necessary vitamins that support nervous system. Vitamin C boost production of hormones that fights against consequences of stress. Vitamin A boosts brain activity and normal azide sleep. Vitamin E prevents degenerative processes in brain. Vitamin B1 calms and helps get rid of anxiety. Vitamin B3 restores energy resources of your brain. Vitamin B6 help you cheer up.
Balance of microelements is also vital. Asparagus has phosphorus, potassium and selenium. Phosphorus helps cumulate and release energy within nervous tissues. Potassium is good against depression. Selenium protects these two against destruction by free radicals.
This herb was already popular among maya and was costumed during spiritual and ritual dancing which could last for 2-3 days non-stop. Turner strengthens blood vessels, supports endocrine system, tones and has a positive effect on overall health.Blueberry includes anthocyanins improve brain activities such as ability to remember and reproduce information, concentrate and coordinate movements. Anthocyanins also increase dopamine's level which is preventing Alzheimer.It is a powerful tonic component that tones, helps concentrate, increases physical and mental efficiency, stress resistance, reaction, as well as body resistance against negative factors.Apple has positive effect on overall health of a human body. It has a huge variety of nutrients and vitamins. Recent tests revealed that Apple juice has a wonderful property: it prevents brain from aging as well as it helps prevent Alzheimer. If you usually consume apples your brain becomes full of acetylcholine which boosts brain activity and improves your memory.