Acumullit SA Technology

Acumullit SA (Strength Accumulation Technology) — is an innovative technology that allows you to take your vitamins anywhere anytime. No pills, capsules, diluted juices, ineffective sprays and creams – only delicious and effective drops made out of fruits and plant extracts. APL made a breakthrough in the field of healthy nutrition by making their products incredibly tasty and very easy to use.

Did you know?

  • Our Company purchased patents from the best European experts who for more than 25 years had been developing new technologies for the production of highly concentrated and fast-acting products made of natural fruits, berries and plants.
  • The unique feature of the technology is that benefits of the ingredients are multiplied thus providing almost an immediate effect on your health.
  • Our products begin to work in the mouth; active ingredients go directly into the bloodstream through the mucous – which explains the rapid effect!