Fast, delicious, convenient!

Today APL offers its Partners health and longevity products (Acumullit SA drops), as well as beauty and skin care products.

APL’s executives constantly test and bring on the market the most advanced developments from around the world, so our assortment is always growing.

The goal of the Company is to continuously develop and move forward that’s why APL experiments with the types and forms of products, offering its Partners new opportunities for growth and improvement.

APL’s Products:

1) Are easy to use

Unique manufacturing and packaging technologies provide maximum comfort and convenience (you can use our product on the go, on the road, at work, etc.).

2) Are delicious

The unique formula with natural extracts of fruits and berries makes our products taste good. We provide effective healthcare through sweet hard candies!

3) Are made with innovative technologies

All APL manufacturing processes, technologies and formulas pass numerous tests, are patented and approved by the leading European and American experts.

4) Contain only safe ingredients

Our products are manufactured without the use of chemicals. They don’t contain stimulants and other harmful substances, including genetically modified products. This means no side effects for the consumer!