EXTRAVAGANZA of fragrances from APL

A serious businessman, a giddy but a lovely freshwoman, a Russian language and literature teacher from a country town, a socialite that shines at parties and presentations - what is it these wildly different heroes of our age have in common? All of them have their favorite fragrances that they wear to complete their styles and images. There are a masculine but not a poignant scent for a successful man, a playful sillage with citrus notes for a young girl, a favorite powdery composition for a woman who has brought her children and grandchildren up...

The APL company offers its own faery fragrance collection in stylish bottles. These are the best compositions collected from all over the world and each of them has already earned its place in millions of hearts.

Why these fragrances are worthy of your attention:

  • we have not got middlemen between the manufacturer and a customer, you do not help shops to pay for the their logistics, rent, salaries of in-store consultants and shop assistants;
  • they are stylish, they have an optimal volume, you will use them for long;
  • scents are strong and persistent, they will last for 24 hours;
  • you do not overpay for a brand, multimillion advertizing campaigns and the participation of celebrities in those campaigns.

Components of women's and men's perfume compositions in Extravaganza blending inside bottles combine into amazing and persistent scents but at the same time they are remarkably discreet. They will surround you with a unique aura and complete images you want to create. Do you want to be a young optimist today who likes to walk on roofs? Do you want to become a baffling lady in the evening who magnetically draws stares? Everything is possible with EXTRAVAGANZA from APL!

Which fragrance will you choose today?

APL fragrances for him:

EXTRAVAGANZA 1 - this energetic and fresh perfume has an absolutely amazing scent. It is a mixture of jasmine, armoise, Caucasian sage and Bourbon geranium for real men. EXTRAVAGANZA 2 - is a powerful and deep bouquet of green apple, bergamot, cardamon and clove. It is a bold woody-grassy scent. EXTRAVAGANZA 3 - is a discreet and fresh scent that has notes of sensuality and youthfulness, energy and impudence. EXTRAVAGANZA 4 – a laconic composition of a perfect scent is the embodiment of elegance combined with a cheerful vibe that opens up with strong accords of cedar and iris. EXTRAVAGANZA 5 – a citrus freshness empowers, boosts energy, wakes emotions and a piquant and a magnetic composition of aromatic spices and herbs makes a perfume perky and bold. EXTRAVAGANZA 6 – sultry notes of patchouli and a leathery odor give warmth coupled with a sense of comfort. It is a choice of those people who are fraught with controversy.

APL fragrances for her:

EXTRAVAGANZA 7 – is a discreet and a fresh scent with harmonically blended sensual and colorful accords of pomegranate seeds that freeze with freshness and adorable peony, magnolia leaves and lotus flowers. EXTRAVAGANZA 8 – a perfume has a lot of tones that create a sensual and a velvety essence. The fragrance is meant for a woman of impulse who often follows her intuition. EXTRAVAGANZA 9 – is a classic perfume that is not subject to neither fashion trends nor time. This perfume opens up new horizons of style and grace. The scent opens up with clean and tempting accords that excite the imagination and create wonderful pictures. EXTRAVAGANZA 10 – is a successful mixture of musky and floral accents, it smells like a chilly but a sunny day, it has lotus, bamboo and pear notes. EXTRAVAGANZA 11 – this fragrance is sultry, vibrant, sparkling, energetic, playful. Black current and strawberry will surround you with a flossie puff of smoke and jasmine, rose and freesia will give you vigor and energy. EXTRAVAGANZA 12 – is a choice of those people who are not afraid of becoming the focus of interest highlighting their own beauty and pure taste. It is a choice of brave women, women of activity who know how to enjoy their beauty. EXTRAVAGANZA 13 – is a sweet fairy tale that contains a certain innocence and a variety of magnetic notes. The scent smells like a blending of citrus accords at first, then it changes to a strong apple odor slightly sweetened with vanilla. EXTRAVAGANZA 14 – this perfume has fresh and a kind of extravagant notes, then it changes to a tremulous heart and ends with a sensual heart. This fragrance is meant for those people who easily surmount all hurdles and obstacles and for this reason they easily conquer their fears as well. EXTRAVAGANZA 15 – this scent can be worn under any circumstances and at any time of day and night due to its discreetness. It will help to cheer up, lift spirits and give you a spring warmth in the morning and support you and empower you for new achievements during the day. EXTRAVAGANZA 16 - this sensual and invisible perfume accentuates niceness and charm of a woman making her more mysterious and many-sided. Every trait, every side of a character literally shine with self confidence, stylish ambitions and successfulness. EXTRAVAGANZA 17 - has a semi-sheer sillage of a scent when a woman needs lightness and delicacy. A piquant odor smells like rich Sicilian orange and sour grapefruit. A cheerful cocktail then changes to delicate jasmine that reflects in emotional white musk. EXTRAVAGANZA 18 - is the embodiment of femininity, niceness, a classic style, a woman beauty and tenderness. At first a perfume composition opens up with harsh notes of bergamot and ylang-ylang. Then the heart of the fragrance opens up that consists of rose and jasmine notes. EXTRAVAGANZA 19 - the fragrance is able to accentuate highlights of every woman and make her the one and only on this planet. It is a floral-woody perfume with amazing honey and floral accents. EXTRAVAGANZA 20 - the essence of this piquant scent lies in a creatively different mixture of secret bounties of the exotic nature with familiar fruity-floral notes.