An ISO certificate, a declaration of conformity:
let's see what do they mean

The products and the APL company itself have ISO 9001:2015 certificates, declarations of conformity and other certificates. What does it mean and how can we present this information to partners?

ISO certification is a series of international standards which are applicable to the quality control system in organizations and manufacturing companies. The aim of the quality management system ISО 9001 is to establish a set of requirements and the compliance with these requirements helps to guarantee the high quality of the work and reliability of the particular company as a supplier and a partner. The presence of the sign on the packing is an evidence of product conformity to world quality standards. The APL company has these certificates and it means that as a manufacturer it has reached an outstanding reliability.

A declaration of conformity is a document where the manufacturer confirms that supplied products meet the requirements of regulatory documents. A declaration of conformity has full force and effect along with a certificate of conformity and valid over the entire territory of the Eurasian Economic Union. All products of the APL company have the required documents which you can find in the back-office (in the section «Documents»). It is important that the existence of the declaration shows that our products are absolutely safe.

There is a certificate of conformity together with the declaration. This is a document certifying the conformity of an object to the requirements of technical regulations, provisions of standards, rules and regulations or conditions of contracts. It is issued in GOST-R system according to the rules of certification of this system. A voluntary certificate means that the quality and safety of products are confirmed by the third party - a certification agency. This is an additional proof that the company products have certain properties and are made of high quality raw materials.