Certificates and Declarations of conformity:
what they certify

APL's product that is manufactured at its own production plant in Moldova, as well as the production itself, has all the necessary voluntary certifications and declarations of conformity. What does this mean and how to present this information to the partners?

Quality management and safety system that is used at the production plant is certified by an independent European certification establishment called TUV Austria Group.

ISO certificates testify that all what Company is doing complies with highest standards, that benefits of its partners and customers is the highest priority to us, and that we never stop developing ways of manufacturing and trade.

This is one of the most convincing traits of a modern business company that you can rely on any occasions.

ISO 9001 certificate guaranteers that the Company complies with ISO 9001-2015 Quality Management System standard; it means that the Company is managed in accordance with high standards, it has highest level of reliability and substantial advantage in competitive struggle.

ISO 22000 certificate proves that the food production is managed in compliance with international principles of Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points system (HACCP) which provides food safety. It also proves that the Company is working in accordance with ISO 22000-2005 Food safety management systems standard.

Acumullit SA products have obtained the TUV mark which states as following: this product has been manufactured at the production plant operating in compliance with food safety management system.

KOSHER CERTIFICATE means that the Acumullit SA hard candy drops are kosher, in other words, they comply with kashrut, Jewish religious dietary law.

Jewish “kosher” means “fit”, “correct” or “proper”. Jewish religious dietary law demands food and the production process must be suitable for kosher requirements. So Kashrut is a set of Jewish dietary laws, and the food that complies with them is kosher.

After the serious procedure of certification of the production process, raw materials, and final product, led by London Betоh Din Kashrut Division (KLBD), Acumullit SA product acquired the Badatz Kosher Certificate. This means that the drops comply with orthodox kashrut respected and followed by millions of Jews around the world.

Company's product is now certified by KLBD and has a right to use the mark of Kosher status within a year.

Compliance certificate of the Republic of Moldova is the main obligatory document that was obtained in the manufacturing country. This certificate proves that the products manufactured within Moldova complies with European quality and safety standards and can be supplied to any European country, as well as to the countries located in America or Asia, as well as Australia.

EAC Declaration of conformity is an obligatory document that certifies that the manufacturer produces a product that complies with regulatory requirements which are applicable within the whole territory of the Eurasian Economic Union.

The product has also obtained a certificate of voluntary certification within the GOST-R system (Russian National Standard) and has a certificate of conformity. This document is voluntary, so the Company is constantly under additional control of a certification authority during the whole period of certification. This voluntary certificate proves that the Company is absolutely sure in high quality and safety of its products.

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