BLACK OCEAN - ocean secrets
uncovered for your youth!

The legendary cosmetic line for fighting signs of ageing is available for sale again! We offer you to share and use ocean secrets that are inside of these black and gold bottles by creating effective creams and serums for your beauty!

If to the moment I shall ever say: “Ah, linger on, thou art so fair!”. Several generations know this expression. Women interpret it in their own way trying to stay young and beautiful for longer. As we grow older our skin becomes more sensitive to stress fighting not only the internal reasons of ageing but also the external ones. The UV and X-radiation which lead to photoageing have the most harmful effect. Deep wrinkles as well as the changes in skin color on face appear, the skin loses its elasticity and fades...Meet the latest development of scientists – a unique biocomponent VENUCEANE ™.

It is obtained by fermentation of Thermus Thermophilius bacteria. This bacterium was found in the Pacific Ocean in the depth of the Gulf of California. The component carries the potential similar to that of protective enzymes (antioxidants) which are parts of the natural skin composition protecting it from free radicals. It protects the skin much more effectively than well-known vitamin antioxidants. Besides according to tests the component protects DNA from damage caused by UV radiation.

Unlike the other protective components, the special thermo active formula VENUCEANE™ not only survives under the UV exposure but on the contrary it activates while the temperatures rise and UV radiation becomes more intense.

This unique component is the main component of the BLACK OCEAN cosmetic line made to fight all signs of ageing.

The line includes: