BIO SECRETS – BioCosmetics of new generation!

Nature’s secrets are ready to be revealed for you! Each package of new cosmetic line BioSecrets has the key to health and natural beauty.

The APL company has carefully picked each product and carried out laboratory tests in order to make sure that all ingredients are made of ecologically friendly products, they are beneficial to health and effective. The string requirement for all products of natural BioCosmetics BIO SECRETS is that they do not contain harmful and harsh chemicals such as synthetic preservatives, perfume components and colouring agents. It contains only natural ingredients which take care of your skin. The main secret of the nature used in cosmetic products is a powerful antioxidant – antihypoxant BIOFEN®.

BIOFEN® - is a perfect component for keeping your skin healthy and beautiful which is effective against signs of aging – wrinkles, lack of skin elasticity, pigmentation. Affecting at the cellular level it regulates biological activity of cells, restores their natural defense system, improves tissue respiration, slows the processes of aging, reduces wrinkles and help to restore skin’s elasticity.

The line includes:

Body cosmetic products: