Privacy Policy

The protection of personal data is one of the priorities in our company, and we strictly comply with the Privacy Policy. The following company:

APLGO Ltd., 10342004V. Sofouli, 28, CHANTECLAIR BUILDING, 2nd floor. Flat / Office 213 Trypiotis, 1096, Nicosia, Cyprus

Email address: info@aplgo.com

is responsible for personal data protection, the official representative is Ms. Ekaterina V. Palianova, the head of this company.

The authorized person of the company responsible for personal data protection is Mr. Alexander Zuichenko. You can contact him by sending an e-mail via the official address of the company or via e-mail: apl.zuychenko@gmail.com.

The following explanations contain answers to this question: what kind of personal data and why is it collected, processed or provided by APLGO Ltd. to third parties?

Basically, we do not collect personal information about visitors of our website. Despite this, our server tends to save some statistics and data, but this statistics is provided to us by your web browser. These data include:

• Version and type of your browser

• Your operating system

• URL of the referral link (the previous page you have been to)

• Name of the connecting computer (IP address)

• Server Response Time

These data, as a rule, are not associated with specific users.


We use cookies on our site. These are small files that are created by your browser automatically when you visit our site and are stored on your device (laptop, tablet, smartphone, etc.). Cookies do not harm your device, they do not contain viruses or other malicious software.

Cookies store information that refers to a particular device you use. However, we are not able to receive any information about your personality this way.

The use of cookies helps us design and make our website more convenient. For example, we use these cookies to recognize which pages you have already visited on our website. These files are deleted after you leave our site by default.

In order to improve usability, we use temporary cookies that are stored on your device for a certain period of time. Thus, if you visit our site again to use our services, it recognizes automatically that you have already visited our website and also the type of settings you chose last time so you do not have to choose them again.

We also use cookies to make a statistic about the use of our website and evaluate it for optimization purposes. When you visit our website again, the cookies help to recognize that you have already visited our pages. These cookies are deleted after a certain period of time by default.

The data received through cookies is processed in order to protect our legitimate interests.

Most browsers accept cookies by default. However, you can customize your browser in the way that cookies shall not be stored on your device, or it always makes a request before creating a new cookie. Note that if you choose to disable cookies completely, you may find out that you are not able to use all the services of our website.

Google Analytics

In order to analyze the use of the site by visitors, we use the Google Analytics service provided by Google Inc. (1600 Amphitheater Parkway Mountain View, CA 94043, USA). This service uses "cookie", text files stored on your device. Data collected by cookies is usually sent to a Google server in the US and stored there.

This website has IP anonymization. The users’ IP addresses are masked in the countries that are EU members and are within the European Economic Area. Thus, it is impossible to personalize your IP address. In compliance with the terms of the agreement between the websites and Google Inc., it uses collected information to compile an assessment of site activity, its work, and provision of Internet-related services.

We use this service to optimize our website for promotional purposes. Learn more about using Google Inc data: https://support.google.com/analytics/answer/6004245?hl=en

Youtube video

In order to provide visitors to this site with YouTube videos, we embed them from YouTube. Here we use an advanced privacy mode, which, according to the data provided by the information provider, help to store information about the user only if the video is played. YouTube starts using cookies to collect information about the user interactions exclusively at the moment when the embedded YouTube video is launched. According to Youtube, these data are used, among other purposes, in order to measure and report statistics about views, as well as to improve usability and to prevent misuse.

Regardless of any embedded video playback, every time you visit this site, you are connected to the DoubleClick network within the Google Network, so further data processing can be performed without our participation.

For more information about data safeguarding on YouTube, check their privacy policy by following this link: https://www.google.com/intl/en/policies/privacy/

If you, at your sole discretion, give us your personal data and/or other information using various ways of communication indicated on this website (for example, via email, phone numbers or APLGO online forms), we shall use this information for the particular purposes only, such as answering your questions and/or communicating with you.

If you register as a Partner,

we will have to ask you to provide us with the following information:

• Contacts (full name, postal address or e-mail address, phone number);

• Date of Birth;

• Password;

• Billing information (for example, bank account or bank card number).

Other personal data is collected only in exceptional circumstances. In case we need to process your personal data, we will ensure that there is a valid legal basis for this (for example, we will ask you to give us your explicit consent).

We use the collected information about you to:

• Register you as a Partner;

• Create your online account and ensure its functioning;

• Process your orders for goods or services;

• Contacting you.

If you use PayPal, PayPal credit card, or PayPal invoice (if applicable) to pay our services, we will have to pass your payment information to PayPal (Europe) S.à r.l. et Cie, S.C.A., 22-24 Boulevard Royal, L-2449 Luxembourg.

We store your data only during the period of time prescribed by law.

Information access:

We will provide you with information about all the stored data that concerns you at your request in compliance with the requirements of the current legislation.

Your right to appeal against data processing

While we process your personal data within a legal framework, you have the right to appeal against your personal data processing. This is valid in the following cases: if there are special circumstances arising from your particular situation or your appeal is against our advertising. In the latter case, you have right to appeal against your personal data processing and we shall stop the unwanted actions. If you want to exercise this right, just send us an e-mail.

Regulatory authority

You also have the right to file a complaint with the regulatory authority. As a rule, it is enough to apply to the regulatory authorities at your place of residence or work.

If you have additional questions regarding your data processing, please contact us in the most convenient way for you.