Multi-level marketing at a glance

Multi-level marketing in numbers:

   • More than 50 people worldwide become millionaires every day through working with multi-level marketing.
   • In the Unites States alone more than 400,000 people became millionaires through MLM.
   • MLM industry holds the first place as the fastest growing economic system in the world.
   • Turnover of all MLM companies in the world is more than 153 billion dollars.
   • The turnover of this industry increases by 20-30 percent annually.
   • More than 20 million people work in this business.
   • This business is a part-time job for more than 50 million people.
   • 60,000 people become MLM distributors every day.
   • MLM companies can be found in 125 countries around the world.
   • In the U.S 15 percent of the population is engaged in multi-level marketing, 2 percent of the population is engaged in network marketing worldwide.
   • U.S. economists agree that in the 21st century 70 percent of all companies in the world will utilize MLM principles in their work.
   • MLM industry is more than 50 years old (the industry was founded in 1946).
   • This industry can be found in 125 countries and employs more than 60 million people worldwide.

Here are just a few quotes from famous people about multi-level marketing:

Warren Buffett: "A dollar makes a dollar - it's the best investment I would make."
Fortune magazine: “Getting the world's best business secret is any investor’s dream”.
Bill Clinton: "Your industry is developing and growing worldwide giving people a chance to change their lives for the better."

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