Advantages of network marketing

There’s no risk – you cannot go bankrupt

You can choose a starter package of 200, 400, 600, 1800 or 3000 conditional currency units(which includes necessary paperwork and a set of Company's products for personal use and/or sale). There is no risk involved since you can always get the money invested back if you choose to sell the products you’ve received at signing.

Registered business

If you decide to start a business with APL as a distributor, you will be properly registered from the beginning. You won’t need to hire an accountant, a director, a lawyer, a storekeeper, workers and other staff; all these problems have been already solved by our Company for you. The only thing you need to do is to build your own business confidently, actively and freely.

Personal freedom and flexible schedule

MLM gives you personal freedom. You work where you want, with whomever you want, when you want, how you want. You can choose a schedule you have been dreaming about for a long time. You will not have despotic bosses and unreliable employees, who demand constant control. You can create your own team and create a plan for your business.

Multi-level business is open for everyone

Everyone can make money in MLM! Age, gender, education, nationality, religion do not matter. You can start with a small amount of money and dramatically improve your financial situation in just six months. In MLM everyone earns as much as they want: the only things that matter are your desire and hard work!

Unlimited tangible income

The richest people in the U.S keep increasing their multimillion-dollar fortunes everyday because once they’ve started and then continued to grow their MLM business. 20% of American dollar millionaires made their fortune with the help of multi-level marketing! It's a fact. The longer you cooperate with the Company, the bigger your check becomes. Many people love MLM for this exact reason.

An opportunity to see the world and get noticed

The ability to comfortably travel is another reason tens of thousands of distributors choose APL. APL offers its Partners training seminars, trips and cruises to various countries around the world. These trips are a great way to relax, get to know other leaders, become a real professional and combine business with pleasure.

APL is an international company

APL allows you to conduct business in different countries. Many people earn their millions travelling around the world. MLM business can be developed simultaneously in many parts of the world, because there will always be people in your network with relatives, acquaintances or friends in different countries.

Fellowship and finding new friends

You will get friends from all around the globe travelling with APL, telling people about your business and helping them take the first steps in the business. John Kalench used to say: "The most important thing in network marketing is to get a million friends." By building relationships with people of different professions, ages and outlooks you'll always be in the know and widen your horizons.

Supporting each Partner

MLM is a great opportunity to work together, to travel, to solve problems. Jim Rohn said: "You cannot succeed alone." Network Marketing is team’s business, and the success of any team depends on the success of each member. The Company, your sponsor and other distributors will always support and encourage you on your path to success.

Instant promotion. Career = Success.

Everyone can succeed in APL. Everyone can meet all the Company’s requirements for getting a qualification. After having worked only three or four years you can reach the highest qualification and lead APL’s largest structure.

Great training system

In order to succeed you will need to learn new things and constantly grow. APL offers its distributors an exclusive professional development program. Plus there’s useful and interesting content on the aploffice.com site for those who want to continue studying on their own. Do not miss classes, presentations, seminars, and corporate events – and very soon you will become an MLM Master.

Recognition of your achievements

A certain advantage of network marketing is a well-developed system for the recognition and promotion of its distributors. APL offers its Partners qualification pins and an annual recognition event based on the annual performance. The best of the best are awarded on stage with exclusive rewards and gifts. Most people in the world want to be recognized, and when it happens, they build their business with even greater speed and enthusiasm.

The opportunity to work with your family

MLM is a unique business that allows you to work and grow together with your family. Many couples signed under the same contract achieve greater success faster than those who work alone. Growing family business and supporting family welfare are important priorities for APL. Thanks to the exclusive promotions, unique training and special vacation packages for the whole family you will improve the quality of life of those you care for.

Multi-level marketing is interesting

One can’t even imagine how fun doing business with us can be! The longer you work in MLM, the more interesting it becomes! It’s amazing how people change when they start earning a lot more than they could ever imagine!

An opportunity to improve your health

Through APL you can improve your health and the health of those you care for. Reasonable prices for the Company's products allow many people to solve their health problems, as well as regularly care for their body.

Constant personal growth

The most important advantage of MLM industry is continuous personal development. This is the business that helps people grow quickly. "If you change, everything around you is changing" (Jim Rohn). The most difficult job is to advance oneself. In APL there are always people helping others change their thoughts, habits, character, decisions and actions to achieve all the goals on their road to success.