The APL company is an international manufacturer which has its own patents and production techniques, a research laboratory and productive capacities. We are rapidly developing, our partners and consumers live in dozens of countries worldwide!

Dear partners, with your help we develop a worldwide sales and promotion network of our wonderful products and in acknowledgment of your work we offer you an overall discount and reward system! The more devoted consumer and active spreader of information around the world about great properties of our products you are the more rewards you can get!

No matter who you are and what life experience you have, the APL company is pleased to invite you to become a company partner. The success in the APL company does not depend on your age, your education or work experience. Everybody can achieve success in the APL company! Welcome to the club of consumers, welcome to the family of APL!

15 ways to earn money and

5 statuses for joining APL


1. €200 status  
2. €400 status  
3. €600 status  
4. €1800 status*  
5. €3000 status**  

You are entitled to get rewards for our product promotion to the market right after the first purchase!

Make a choice between 5 different statuses of entry into the business: Of course you can raise your status over and over again until you reach a DIAMOND status, as it will allow you to increase your rewards!

* While entering to a VIP-status in a lump sum of 1800 euro or raising a status to 1800 euro within 30 calendar days from the moment of registration, the partner gets a "Director" qualification ahead of time.

VIP-status allows the partner who has reached a «Managing Director» qualification and higher to open additionally up to 7 profitable lines without a one-time purchase of products in the amount of 3000 euro.

**DIAMOND-status allows the partner to get a "Managing Director" qualification in advance and open the third profitable line from the first days of work at the company.

In order for you to record all your purchases and to buy products with a 60% discount you need to go through a registration procedure (25 euro) and get a back-office in perpetuity.

€ - euro is used as a main currency for payments between the company and its clients. But the company establishes a special internally generated rate for every accounting period in every country where our products are sold. You can find out about the current rate, which is usually much lower than the official one, in your personal account.  

APL Incentives



Group Bonus


A group bonus is a commission in the amount of ***: 10%, 15%, 20%, 25%, 30% of the group volume for each period (PV) in your small legs. Maximum amount for this bonus is no more than €10,000 a week or €40,000 a month per profit leg. Your Group bonus is based on the total sales of all partners in your small legs.

***% Payout depends on your enrollement statu.:





Group Bonus
is paid out at the end of each pay-period:
I pay-period: 1st – 7th
II pay-period: 8th – 14th
III pay-period: 15th – 21st
IV pay-period: 22th – 30th/31st
of each month


Leader Bonus 

This bonus is paid on a weekly basis from the group bonus of personally invited by you people, according to the actual qualification for the previous month.


Structural Bonus

This bonus is paid weekly of the total volume of secondary purchases of the entire structure including a monthly activity.


Activity Bonus

Personal activity in the amount at least 40PV and the activity of your 2 personally invited partners in the amount at least 40PV during 12 consecutive months will provide you with an additional loyalty bonus in the amount of €10 a month for the next 12 months.


Ultra-Bonus (end-of-the-year bonus)

You can receive this bonus by confirming your Director qualification without reducing the qualifying volume under maximum achieved qualification within 12 consecutive months.
The bonus equals an average yearly small leg (with a maximum group volume) Group Bonus check, once a year after 12 months.


Retirement Bonus
(based on the Group Bonus)

Provided that your personal activity is at least 40PV or more and the activity of your PIs is at least 40PV and more a month in each leg during 12 consecutive months, 5% of the Group Bonus check (but no more than €300 a month) will be transferred to your personal account to create a cummulitive annual pension, which will be paid out in 12 equal portions over the next year.

Director Bonus*****

1% of the APL total turnover (initial purchase) is partners among the Partners with Director, Senior Director, Managing Director and Corporate Director qualifications in equal shares, based on the amount of increase in the small legs, where 500PV = 1 SHARE.

President Bonus*****

1% of the APL total turnover (initial purchase) is partners among the with National Director, International Director and Premier Director qualifications in the following shares:

National Directors 0,2%
International Directors 0,3%
Premier Directors 0,5%


*****this bonus is calculated monthly, and is paid out quarterly.
(Maintaining the necessary qualification is required)


Car Bonus

1% of the APL total turnover (initial purchase) is transferred to the a car bonus pool every month.
National Director – 20 000€
International Director – 50 000€
Premier Director – 80 000€
With qualifications of National Director and up, the points are accumulated in the following way:
National Director – 0.2 % of the total TO
Premier Director – 0.3 % of the total TO
Premier Director – 0.5 % of the total TO

Travel Bonus

1% of the total APL turnover will be transferred monthly into a separate account and shared twice a year between the partners with the qualifications of Managing Director and up. Partners also have an exclusive opportunity to enjoy a sea cruise with the Company's Executives.

Entertainment Expense Bonus

Monthly reimbursement for:
National Directors   1000€
International Directors   2000€
Premier Directors   3000€
Upon confirmming current qualifications for the month.

Executive Bonus

See Provisions in the back-office.


Country Bonus

% of the country turnover, if this country was developed through your personal involvement.


It is said that great opportunities present themselves to everyone, but many people don’t see them and never suspect they existed. Open your eyes to explore the wonderful world of APL! You will see that nothing is impossible for our partner! Create your own path to happiness!