More prospects with updated marketing plan from APL

On the anniversary, one of the most important news about improvement of the company's bonus plan was announced. Now you have even more prospects to become a part of the company and earn good amounts of money. New possibilities of entry and bonuses, five elite qualifications with unique bonuses and awards, additional payments for qualifications from a National to a Prime Director.

Are you hungry for details?

During 11 minutes of this movie we will tell you about the main benefits of APL marketing plan, and you can find its detailed description in the company’s back office.

Five new premium qualifications in APL!

In honor of its fifth anniversary, APL presents you five new premium qualifications of AMBASSADORs of different levels. They are the most loyal representatives of the company, and they demonstrate its values throughout their lives and styles. On the background of others, they stand out for their image of a successful and harmonious man whose eyes are burning with not search for happiness, but with the fact that they have already found it. The company sees a huge potential in their leaders and further growth of these people, even higher and higher.




Is a leader whose whole structure has made a turnover of 500 000 PV in a month. He/She is always welcomed at all events, and a special place is always prepared for him/her. His/Her chest is decorated with a unique golden badge, and upon reaching the qualification, the company gives him/her a gift - a trip to Europe for two persons. Tickets for all the company’s events are free.


Is a leader whose whole structure has made a turnover of 1 500 000 PV in a month, and he/she has 2 Prime Directors at the first level. He/She never puts off a badge made of gold with two diamonds, as well as an exclusive ring that are only for the participants of the privileged club of premium qualifications. Flights, accommodation and participation in all the events of APL are at the expense of the company. Moreover, here is a nice bonus for him/her in appreciation and acknowledgment of his/her success – a real Swiss watch.


Is a leader whose all 9 branches have made a turnover of 500 000 PV each in a month, and he/she has 5 Ambassadors at his/her first level. The distinctive emblems are a golden badge with 5 diamonds and a diamond ring.


The company presents to Crowned Ambassadors a gift at their choices: an apartment in Moscow (or in any other metropolis), or a single-time award of 10 000 000 rubles. The leader is fully supported by APL - accommodation, flights, vacations and participation in all events are at the expense of the company.