Regional service centers

APL business is a unique opportunity to earn money not only as a distributor of the Company but also as the owner of your own business. You can submit an application and sign a contract to open a Regional Service Centerin your region.

Becoming a Regional Service Center Director means opening your own business in partnership with APL. A Company representative, working with Regional Service Center directors, will provide you with counsel on various business matters and help organize your work from the very beginning.

Our Company is constantly announcing special promotions for Regional Service Center Directors – to help make your office more comfortable and efficient. Upon signing the contract, APL will provide you with a complete set of all necessary materials for designing and organizing the Center. APL also holds training sessions for Regional Service Center Directors, which are truly among the best available programs on the market.

We constantly strive to encourage our Partners and therefore offer a special bonus for Regional Service Center Directors. The bonus is being calculated based on your Center servicing ALL of the distributors – from your own or from parallel branches. Thus, it is profitable for you to work with all APL Partners in your region, increasing their income and helping others run their business.