Dear Partners and friends!

Mutual understanding and support are truly the main achievement of our Company .I am very proud that we are so full of ideas, commitment and desire to be developing further. By constantly moving forward we strive to be proactive in the market, develop new segments and predict customer needs.

Ourpartners are responsible, enthusiastic and have a great desire to become professional and an effective leaders in their field. We appreciate this attitude very much! We care about our Partners and fully comply with all ourobligations towards them. Collaboratingwith our Company means being your own man and successfully building your business!

Each of you is very valuable to our Company and we try to do our best to help yousucceed!

With confidence in fruitful cooperation,
Sergey Kulikov, The Founder and President of the Advisory council of the APL Group.

Our Mission

We are buildingan international Company that:

  • moves forward and growsrapidly!
  • offers unique productsfor health and beauty as well as innovative technologies!
  • guaranteessteady development OPPORTUNITIES and profitable future!
  • is proud of its business approach and the System that can be easily duplicated!
  • cares for the WELLBEING of all its Partners and chargesthem up with POSITIVE ENERGY!

Our Values

1. Teamwork
APL is a close– knit team where everyone seeks to help their Partners succeed. We move forward, overcome challenges, and celebrate victories together.

2. Professionalis
We believe that the key to success for any of our Partnersisthe professional satisfaction from their job well-done. That is why APL focuses to training and developing its distributors from the first day on.

3. Creativity and innovation
ВAPL appreciates initiative and creative approach to work and considers them to be the key in finding a solution to any challenges. OurCompany constantly moves forwardand helps itsPartners discover new opportunities.p>

4. Planning and organization of work
Carefully planned work process is the key to successful implementation of any new idea. That is why APL carefully develops implementation plans for all of our projects and encourages Partners to do things responsibly.

5. Worthy reward for job well-done
When developing a marketing plan, we chose unlimited possibilities that ensure constant profit for all working distributors over short-term benefits. Our marketing plan truly rewards working harder and smarter.

Our Priorities

1. Supporting our Partners
APL genuinely cares about the well-being and prosperity of its Partners. We support our distributors onevery stage of their development with thoughtful learning tools and systems: from newcomer’sthe first steps to strategic decisions of an experienced leader.

2. Supporting the Business
APL does its best to change society’sperspective of multilevel marketing. Unfortunately, nowadays this industry is filled with prejudice and unfavorable comments. With our work and proper businessattitude we try to show people that MLM is a great opportunity to accomplish their goals and improve theirlife.

3. Supporting the Family
APL supports projects related to strengthening family relationships. When husbands and wivesworkon their business hand in hand, or a family participates in events and activities together –they become stronger and more united. We try to give each family an opportunity to work and spend time together, achieving success as a team.