At the age of 17 Sergey learnt about MLM business. He built such a structure in a month that even experienced multi level marketers do not always manage to build in a year. His earnings were rapidly growing until one day senior staff members of that company deprived the ambitious student of the major part of the structure. Sergey couldn't tolerate that kind of injustice. He quitted the company and decided to build his own MLM company where no partner would face injustice and unfairness from a leadership. Moreover, he is grateful to that company for experience and, of course, for getting acquainted with his wife Olga.


Sergey has everything people of his age and even older can dream of. He has a close-knit family, a big business, house properties in different countries worldwide, a great number of exciting trips, in a word, a beautiful life of luxury. But generosity of his soul doesn't allow him to quietly enjoy his wealth, Sergey shares his experience with us. He helps his partners to enrich spiritually, he shows his followers how to earn and develop.

Sergey's interests and hobbies:

Sergey travels a lot with his family. During those trips wise thoughts often pop into his head and he posts them in his blog.