Olga is fond of learning and she is always self-improving. Currently she has three academic degrees and one magister degree. She attended about 50 trainings and seminars of very famous speakers and coaches.


Olga is a living example of the well-known English saying: behind every great man is a great woman. That is why her main mission is to inspire her husband, bring up a worthy daughter and keep a family hearth. But Olga's family hearth moves beyond her home, more than 200 thousand partners of the APL company are her family as well.

Olga's interests and hobbies:

Olga's hobbies are so varied that it's hard to believe that we talk about just one person. She reads a lot of fine and business literature, she is constantly expanding her home library. She practices ball-room dancing and devotes free time to her loved ones, to her daughter and husband.