He was one of those guys at school who liked more STEM disciplines, he preferred geometry and algebra to literature and biology. He combined his studies to be a manager-economist at machine builders with active career building. He had been working in a bank for a long time but he quitted because of the lack of career prospects, then he started to search for a favorite occupation that would benefit not only him but others as well.


To make everything simple, easy and clear in order for APL partners not to have any questions. He stands for full business processes automation that he successfully promotes in the company.

Konstantin's interests and hobbies:

On Konstantin's working table you can always see a deck of cards - it is one of his hobbies, so called cardistry. It is an art of manipulating cards. He admits that dashing tricks of cards and fingers help him to relax. Formerly he was into this kind of art professionally and he was one of the best representatives of it in Russia.