She was born and raised in Northern regions and while looking at snow she was dreaming to move to Brazil. Once during the meeting of college students with Vladimir Pozdner, a public person, a TV presenter, he told about Ekaterina: "She'll become a quirky newsperson". And she became by writing different materials, searching nonstandard task solutions. The area of her favorite activity has expanded over the years, now it is represented by newsmaking, public relations and event planning. She genuinely believes that there are no difficult tasks, you just need to look at them from a different angle.


She doesn't make a distinction between "home - work" because it all fall under the scope of life. She considers projects in APL that she is working on to be a part of life and she always tries to do everything fundamentally useful and bringing happiness to others.

Ekaterina's interests and hobbies:

In her free time she tries to learn languages informally, she considers a change of a scenery, a city, a country to be the best and the most pleasant kind of rest that is why she is in favor of active travelling. She never parts with books of any kind - printed or digitized ones.