Meet senior staff members of the APL company.

Every senior staff member of our company is a strong, vivid and independent person. But together they are a team that can do impossible, that has no obstacles and unachievable goals. They rapidly, powerfully and steadily lead the company to great results. Their work is well coordinated, intentions are pure and efforts are unquestionable. The key mission of our leadership members is to create and develop a company where every hard-working and goal-oriented person can become really rich. And wealth for us means financial independence, of course, and it also means trips in a good company, a harmonious development and a self-improvement. Our partners gratefully acknowledge that they feel a safe background, the strongest motivation and an endless inspiration by senior staff members of the APL company.

Sergey Sergeevich Kulikov
The Founder and President of the Advisory council of the APL Group
He is a business couch, an author of his own methods of obtaining success and wealth «Millionaire School». He made his first million euro at the age of 21.
He is a wise and fair minded president of the company, a considerate husband and a careful and aware father.
His main motto is stop dreaming, it's a high time to act and earn! read more

Olga Vladimirovna Kulikova
Creative Director of the APL company, editor-in-chief of the «APL PLANET» magazine
Olga is a unique company executive. Her managing approach differs from the others. Olga has a gust of atmosphere and pursues balanced resolutions, she is very attentive to details. She bends her maternal instinct, that is inherent in a woman, to her favorite creative department. Her ability allowed her to gather a team of talented, vivid and a little bit «crazy» people around her. Under Olga's guidance creative department turns all bold ideas of the company into reality. read more

Alexandr Mikhailovich Stepanov
Sales Vice President of the APL company
More than a hundred regional service centers have been opened and operate in Russia and CIS countries thanks to him. read more

Ekaterina Valeryevna Palyanova
The Head of APLGO LTD
She started with APL as an external specialist. She was one of the planners of the first anniversary in Almaty that she recalls with humor now: "It was then when I found my first gray hair". Since then mutual attraction had turned into immense love so she had to enter into the company with more ambitious and interesting projects and tasks. read more

Konstantin Arnoldovich Ivanov
Head of the partner services department of the APL company
He is a person who knows answers to all questions of partners of the APL company. He always gives right instructions, advises and explains in lay language how to get things done quickly and effectively.
Konstantin is one of company's professional specialists whose experience in working with banking systems helps to establish well-reasoned and distinct operation algorithms. read more