Interview with the President

Sergey, your young company outdid «behemoths» of MLM only in a few years. How did you manage to do it?

There is nothing miraculous. The truth is that all three major features of a successful MLM company are very powerful in APL. First of all we have a unique product. We bought patents out from the best European specialists and built a new-generation production. Our product is safe and it has an immediate effect. The second feature is a marketing plan. Nothing matters more to people than their health and material well-being. Our marketing plan is so awesome that as soon as multi level marketers from other companies learn about our motivation they join APL then and there. They do well! We work fairly. If you want to become a person of independent means with APL you just need to follow our instructions step by step. And the third one is a team. I chose every senior staff member very carefully and I can fully trust them.

Is it true that your wife is a senior staff member?

Yes, Olga works with me. We are very meticulous about family values that's why there are special conditions for married couples in the company. And, I guess, by our example there are a lot of family contracts in the APL company. It is a great thing that spouses can labour at one family business. Besides they can improve themselves together and even travel with APL.

Oh! Tell us about your travellings!

They are an integral part of our lives. APL partners toured dozens of countries at the company's expense. They went on such cruises that ordinary office workers can't even dream of. We conquer cities, countries, seas and even oceans together. We value our leaders. That's why they stay only in the best hotels, fly on private planes and try the finest cuisine.

Can you remember your most vivid personal impression from a trip?

There were a lot of vivid impressions. My recent trip aboard the biggest ocean liner in the world comes to my mind. We traveled along the Caribbean islands. Thus, we started on from the USA. So we spent 2 days before the cruise in Orlando. When my daughter Camilla saw the «The Wizarding World of Harry Potter» theme park she went into raptures! We visited both Hogwarts and a Hagrid's hut, walked in narrow streets as if they had leapt from the pages. In Orlando not only children but we, adults, as well were happy.

Sergey, your life is so busy, how do you manage to bring everything together?

I have several rules that I follow. First of all, my family comes first. Everything I do, I do for my family. Our daughter was born when me and Olga were 19 years old. We had nothing at that time. And a little baby in my arms became the strongest motivation for me. Secondly, I am a man of faith. Our family worships church principles. It isn't difficult to run a business obeying God's laws. It's even easy because you feel God's help. Every partner finds not only material well-being but an opportunity to help others, a spiritual growth and a self-development in the APL company!

Meet senior staff members of the APL company.

Every senior staff member of our company is a strong, vivid and independent person. But together they are a team that can do impossible, that has no obstacles and unachievable goals. They rapidly, powerfully and steadily lead the company to great results. Their work is well coordinated, intentions are pure and efforts are unquestionable. The key mission of our leadership members is to create and develop a company where every hard-working and goal-oriented person can become really rich. And wealth for us means financial independence, of course, and it also means trips in a good company, a harmonious development and a self-improvement. Our partners gratefully acknowledge that they feel a safe background, the strongest motivation and an endless inspiration by senior staff members of the APL company.