Слово президента

Interview with the President

Sergei, how did you manage to launch such a successful project when business was facing challenging times?

Only the weak use crisisesasan excuse. It’s never easy to start something. I think that it is the difficulties that make us stronger, unlock our hiddencreativity and business potential and make us move on. Step by step we turn our dreams into realistic goals and achieve them. However, the success of the project depends not only on our ability to dream. The perfect quality of ourproducts plays an important role as well as the opportunitiesdescribed in the marketingplan.

What was your road to success like?

When I graduated from high school I had to fight fiercely for my dreams - at this time my independent adult life has started. One should not think that I was granted anything for free. The journey from student days in acting school to co-owner of AGEO Group was not easy. I still remember the words that helped me archive my goal - "life is too short, but there is still time to writeyour name into history" This was my motto when I began earning money, providing not only for myself, but also my mother and my little sister. I started with hosting shows in nightclubs. For some time after that I worked as an art director ofseveral high-class restaurants in Nizhny Novgorod. In 2005 I started a career in direct sales of innovative products for health, youth and longevity in Russia, Turkey and Europe. I’ve discovered scouting and coaching that helped me develop leadership and decision-making skills. Then I began understanding what real responsibility and a sense of camaraderie are.

What things do you find the most important in your life?

No matter what I did, no matter what I was looking for, I was always aware that the family is the most important thing in the world. I work and enjoy my work only to make the loved ones happy. I consider the business team to be my family who I am also responsible for.

What is your life philosophy?

My personal philosophy is closely connected with the Company's philosophy: to bring people the joy of discovering new possibilities. I wake up in the morning with exciting feeling of joy; I live every day with passion, love and gratitude. I work a lot and never give the goal up. Now I dream more than ever. I'm living my dream.

Are you satisfied with your life?

Yes and no. Of course it would be wrong to complain about the life filled with memorable moments and impressions. Nevertheless, I still strive for new goals. And I would like all our Partners to adhere to similar principles and confidently archive their objectives. A writer, an artist, a speaker and an expert on motivation Andrew Matthews once said, "The universe rewards for efforts, not excuses." I fully agree with him.