Be Part of History

In this short text we will try to provide you with history of APL Company, a Company where a family, caring of each other and success are considered to be the most important things. In all issues relating to APL, its heads and partners adhere to one simple rule, which was formed during the early years of the Company establishment, and it says that all should be in GO style. It serves as a so-called business card which allows you to understand that there is no place for long-lasting uncertainty in the ranks of APL’s partners, so if you have already decided, it’s high time to start!

So, the company has started reaching its success since the first presentation, which took place on 11/11/2011 in Kazakhstan. This country became a runway, and soon Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Portugal, Spain, Azerbaijan and many other countries joined the Company. To the time of its fifth anniversary, a number of countries where APL partners are working successfully exceeded 30. Read more