Dear friends

For your convenience we have created a unified e-mail address for correspondence – info@aplgo.com. In order that your question is directed to the correct department, we ask you to do certain notes in a subject line. Each of the addresses corresponds to the specific issues of current work. We will do everything to make your letters are not left without attention.

  • The note «Advertisement» - for questions about the organization of advertising and brand promotion.
  • The note «Warehouse» - for warehouse activities (rules and deadlines for submitting reports, work with the back office, carrying out contracts, processing orders and sending the goods to the regions, settlements with regional and structural members, opening new stores and offices).
  • The note «Service questions» - for questions about service of the back office.
  • The note «Results» - for questions about your results on the use of products and product questions.
  • The note «Events» - for questions about rest and activities (orders, schedules, tickets, etc.)
  • The note «Salary» - for questions of remunerations and salary.
  • The note «Together» - for questions about «Together» the Charity Foundation;